Why Your TV Aerial Isn’t Working

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch TV and coming across a dreadful “no signal” message or a distorted and unwatchable picture. But, before you start to throw things at your TV in frustration, you can adjust a few TV settings. If they don’t work, then tweak your aerial a bit. If there’s visible aerial damage, then you may need aerial service.

Why Doesn’t TV Aerial Work?

There are a plethora of reasons why a TV may display the “no signal” message. It simply means there’s a problem. TVs aren’t sophisticated enough to directly inform you of the issue, so you have to get the picture back by yourself. You can do this by either checking your TV settings or diagnosing an issue with your aerial or TV cable.

Things to Try to Get the Picture Back on Your TV

Before you call aerial services in Poole, you can take a few steps and make sure the “no signal” is actually a problem with the aerial itself.

Check If Aerial Is Connected

First things first, check if a lead behind the TV has disconnected. Ensure the TV input is correct as well – if you’re using a DVD player, you’ll get no signal on HDMI.

Retune the TV

If you recently moved or got a new TV, then tuning is necessary. Cable providers also add new networks and programmes, so returning every once in a while helps clear the distorted picture.

Adjust TV Aerial Wall-Plate

TV signals can be faulty because of moving aerial wall-plates due to physical damage. Have a feel, and if it’s wobbling, tighten the connections.

Check for Faults in the Aerial

The last thing to do is check faults in the aerial on your roof and then call an aerial repair service. If the aerial isn’t visibly damaged, then there might be damage in the download or coaxial cable. Your TV amplifier might be faulty otherwise.