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Which Type of Packaging Is Best for Your Business?

Every business company knows the value of packaging, but it is quite confusing when it comes to selecting the best for your product. There are various types of packaging available and it depends on your product and its safety that determines the right kind of packaging.

Different types of packaging are mentioned below. This will give you a hint on the kind of packaging that will be better for you to ship your products:

  • Corrugated boxes:

These types of boxes are made out of hard cardboards with cushioning which are very useful for any type of product delivery. These types of boxes keep your product safe as they cannot be damaged easily.

Food products are considered safest with corrugated boxes as they are manufactured in a way that ensures that your products stay safe and fresher than any other kind of packaging.

  • Paper boards and chip boards:

These boxes are made with thin cardboards that are useful for delivering lightweight products that doesn’t need extra care. For example: these types of boxes can be used to deliver products like earphones, chargers, etc. Things that you know cannot be broken easily can use these packaging.

However, if you’re planning to ship a big product, these kinds of packaging are not safe as they can easily damage your product. This kind of packaging is not recommended for fragile products or food as they don’t have preserving ability.

  • Poly bags:

Poly bags are even lighter than paper boards and chip boards. They are made out of plastic which might be good for keeping your products clean but there is no guarantee how safe the products will be.

However, bubble mailer poly bags are good for shipping, as they can keep your fragile products safe. But it is always better to give another packing to your poly bags with paper boards, chip boards and best with corrugated boxes.

Poly bags give the least surety that your products will be safe. Leave about safety, this kind of packaging are so risky that it has high chances of being lost before even being delivered. Also, poly bags cannot be recycled which we all know how bad it is for our environment.

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Out of all types of packaging, corrugated packaging has been considered the best for delivering products safe and sound. Not only companies but customers too prefer these kinds of packaging.