What You Need to Know Before Bringing Your Car into Canada?

It is pretty easy to travel between the United States and Canada. After all, the two countries do share one of the longest international borders in the world.  Also, the laws and social customs between the US and Canada are similar, as well as the languages spoken.  The process for getting across the border is pretty simple, albeit sometimes time consuming, as you can actually drive your car through customs pretty much whenever you want.

Yes, visiting Canada from the US (and vice versa) is pretty simple.  Moving from the US to Canada, though, is a bit more of a process, especially if you want to bring your car with you.  That is not to discourage you from doing so, but just know that the Clearit customs brokerage process can be lengthy.

The Canadian Registry of Imported Vehicles

The first thing you need to know about importing your car to Canada is just that:  this is technically an act of import.  And that means you will have to verify it can pass regulations as described in the Canadian Registry of Imported Vehicles.  The RIV is simply an organization designed to regulate and streamline the process of importing vehicles to Canada, so they can definitely clarify any questions or confusions you may have about the process. The regulations affect different aspects of auto manufacturing—type of vehicle, country of origin, etc. So it is very important to thoroughly inspect these regulations.

Vehicle Modification

Another thing you need to know about bringing your car into Canada is that before you can do so, you may need to make some modifications.  While most cars sold in the United States will easily make it through customs in Canada, those which do not pass probably just need a simple modification or maybe an update or replacement.  The simple reason for this is that the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia all have different standards.

Emissions and Emission Taxes

While you are conferring with the RIV about registration, you are going to want to look into Canadian vehicle emission requirements.  You probably know that each of the states in America has set its own emission requirements, so there is a good chance that your American automobile will pass Canadian emissions requirements. Still, it is important to check, since you will not be allowed to register or operate your vehicle; or you will have to pay a $4,000 high emissions fee.