The Ultimate Luxury Resort in Bali: The Samaya Seminyak

What better way to escape the cold Melbourne winter than by jumping on a plane to warmer pastures. Bali is the perfect place for it as it’s close by (a 5hr flight), it’s well priced and when you get there you can do as little or as much as you like! Dig out the RayBan glasses and let’s go!

When I stay in the Seminyak region my resort of choice is The Samaya Villas. Why? I could go on forever, but here’s my top 5 reasons:

Pure Luxury: We’re not talking a basic villa here. The Samaya Villas are huge, with the bathroom alone bigger than a lot of Bali accommodation I’ve come across with marble flooring throughout. There’s an extra-large king size bed, there’s a lounge room with an unlimited mini bar, there’s an outdoor shower, an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi and let’s not forget the big swimming pool that you could comfortably swim a few laps in. Top all of this off with high quality cotton linen and a luxurious pillow menu to ensure you sleep well at night and you have luxury.

Personalised Service: The service here is really special. The staff are so warm, welcoming and friendly that nothing is ever an issue for them. If you like your bed made a certain way, your drink to have certain ingredients or a particular meal to be made – nothing is ever too difficult for the team. And not only that, but they remember it for the next time. An example of this is their welcome drink which is so tasty and comes with a cinnamon stick. I prefer it without the cinnamon so every time I’d order the drink it would come without it.

The Beautiful Grounds: The resort is really tranquil, and the gardens are stunning. The walkways are draped with beautiful greenery and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Palm trees line the beach front where deck chairs are perched looking over the crashing waves. A huge lagoon pool is set back from the beach view, so there’s privacy for guests who wish to take a dip. And you can walk directly onto the main beach if you want to go for a sunset stroll. And speaking of sunsets, The Samaya has one of the best sunset views in Bali. You can sit and relax on their outdoor sofas while enjoying a delicious drink watching the sun go down.

Included Extras: These are an added bonus for guests. So, you get breakfast ‘anytime, anywhere’! This means if you want breakfast to come at midday in your villa, you can have it there. If you want it at 7am by the pool, you can have it there too! I’ve even had it at 11:30pm at night! Afternoon tea is also included. It’s a high-tea style, often with some cut sandwiches, mini pizza, quiches or spring rolls along with the standard, crunchy and decadent scones with jam and cream! My absolute fave (extra cream for me always!) Let’s not forget the afternoon ‘cleanser’, a bowl of delicious local fruits just in case you haven’t eaten enough. And did I mention the unlimited mini bar? Yes, I think I’ve covered that off!

Total Relaxation: One of the big benefits of The Samaya is the fact that everything is done for you. If you’d like some food, some restaurant recommendations/bookings, a driver, a massage and body scrub – it can all be done without any hassles. In other resorts you’re often just another number. At The Samaya, you’re family! That’s why it’s the ultimate luxury resort in Bali!

In summary, if you’re after a relaxed low-key location, with great views, amazing service, beautiful villas and that personalised touch, The Samaya in Seminyak is the place to stay. This was my fourth stay here and I can’t wait to return already!