The Best Types of Clothing Giveaways You Can Use for Your Business

Everyone loves a giveaway – whether it’s a small thing such as a pen or an expensive giveaway such as a leather-bound notebook or planner, everyone appreciates a free gift. And giveaways are precisely that – they have been used by numerous businesses for decades to show appreciation to customers and make customers feel special. But of course, these promotional giveaways have a definite purpose for the company as well; they serve to promote your business (hence the name) and remind customers of your brand every time they choose to use your giveaway.

This is also one reason why it makes sense to give your customers giveaways that are immensely useful, such as mugs or glasses, key rings, lanyards, and clothing and accessories such as shirts and caps. Shirts, caps, and other types of apparel are actually the best kinds of clothing giveaways you can use for your business. Here’s a list of the best examples of clothing giveaways from which you can benefit – and the reasons why.

  • T-shirts

T-shirts will always be an excellent choice as a promotional giveaway, and here’s why: they are versatile, classic, and economical, and you can choose a variety of designs and colours for your t-shirts as well. T-shirts also come in various sizes, whether it’s extra-small or extra-large, and they can be worn outside so your customers can instantly become brand ambassadors for your company. When choosing t-shirts as promotional giveaways, make sure that your company logo clearly appears on the front or back and that the colours of your logo go well with the colour of the t-shirt. T-shirts are also ideal for the simple reason that you have a wide surface area on which to display your brand and what you offer.

  • Zippered jerseys or sweatshirts

Whether you are joining a particular event such as a festival, concert, or conference or you simply want to give items away to loyal clients, zippered jerseys or sweatshirts are also an ideal choice for apparel giveaways. They can be used at different occasions, just like t-shirts, and if you have a leisure or sports-related business, this type of clothing can be worn by your customers whilst they are engaging in their hobbies, performing physical activities, or exercising.

  • Polo shirts

A Polo shirt is a more elegant form of a t-shirt, and you can give polo shirts away at more professional settings and environments such as conferences, trade shows, sports tournaments, and exhibits. For instance, if you would like to promote your business’ participation at a golf or tennis tournament, then polo shirts as giveaways are perfect for the crowd. You can make your polo shirts more elegant with embroidered details or an embroidered logo as well, as recommended by the experts from Garment Printing, a popular provider of t-shirt printing in Liverpool.

  • Caps and hoodies

Caps and hoodies are also ideal clothing giveaways as people can easily associate them with your brand and what you are. Caps or hats, for one, are practical and affordable and can easily be worn by both men and women. Your customers can wear caps and hats all year, and since it is placed on the head, the exposure of your brand can be more striking.

Hoodies, on the other hand, can be both stylish and cool, and they can be worn by young and old alike. But if you want to attract a younger audience, hoodies are your best bet.

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