Stained Glass Isn’t Just for Government Buildings & Churches.

When you ask most Australians about stained glass and where they would expect to find it, you inevitably get the answer that it is commonly seen in government buildings and places of worship. That used to be the case but now many architects and interior designers are getting very excited about it. As a homeowner, you probably want your property to stand out from the rest and this is an excellent way to do that very thing.

Due to its increase in popularity, stained glass is incredibly affordable and so it can be the perfect addition to any property whether it is your home property or your business property. The following are just some suggestions as to where you could put it on your property.

  • In the front door – Everything in this life all across Australia is about creating the right first impression and so by installing stained glass in your front door rather than plain glass, you are letting people know that you want to create the right first impression and you want to stand out from the rest.
  • In the back door – Stained glass is perfect because not only does it look amazing but it can provide you with the privacy that you crave but just can’t get. It stops nosy neighbours and opportunist thieves from looking directly into your property and so is a great deterrent.
  • In the kitchen – If you want to add some much-needed colour to your kitchen cabinets then this type of glass is perfect. It can be easily installed in the doors of your kitchen units and it certainly will make your kitchen stand out from all the others.
  • In the reception area – From a business point of view, you can add it to your reception area so that new and potential customers can get the right first impression about your business from the very beginning. It welcomes people into the area of the building and adds some much-needed colour.

It is clear to see then why builders, architects and interior designers love working with stained glass. If you really want to change things up a little around your property then you will consider the installation of stained glass everywhere. When the time comes to sell the property, this will be the one thing that encourages potential buyers to put in a bid more quickly and so you will get any money that you spent on it back in that moment.