Moving Tips

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Everyone is excited to move to a new place, and it is as always preceded by the routine of packing and moving all your stuff in a safe and efficient manner. You can easily obtain a list of moving companies, but all that matters is choosing the right one who can help in carrying your valuable assets from one place to another with utmost efficiency. Here are some questions you can ask before hiring a moving company.

  1. How long your company has been in the business?

First things first. Begin the evaluation process by gathering the details about the company’s experiences, area of expertise, accolades etc. The firms which are reliable like Vic Palmer removals and storage, showcase years of dedicated and diligent services and a high number or percentage of frequent customer business.

  1. Is your company insured by all means?

An efficient moving company which is the ideal one to hire should always assume the liability of all the goods which are carried by them. As accidents are unavoidable and inevitable, irrespective of the level of caution practiced in the ongoing moving process. Hiring an insured company provides a level of peace in an otherwise anxious situation.

  1. What do your rates comprise of? Do you have specific packages as well?

Moving companies provide rates on the basis of various seasons and particular days of the week. The most essential factor is to look out for the hidden costs involved. Consult the assigned representative in detail about all the costs involved, the hidden ones as well, and come to the terms with an estimate of nominal binding. This is helpful in preventing any last-minute surprises.

  1. Do you offer the wraps and boxes which are required for moving purposes?

This question acts as a clear indicator of the consistency factor of the moving company you are about to hire. The moving companies which have loads of expertise in this very area will always offer you packing boxes and furniture wraps which are super useful and to make sure all the delicate items are completely protected.

  1. Do you label all the protected items?

Feel free to ask the company about its packing and storage services. Ask them if they label the protected item. If they do, ask them their process of labelling and how will they be identified at the point of destination. Keep a list of all the boxes, items and everything. And if you require storage facilities, this will help you save time and move your stuff in later at a specific time.

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