Protect Your Small Business: Increase Security Measures


If you are a small business owner, you may feel it is unlikely that a criminal or cyber attack will happen at your business. You may think criminals target larger businesses such as giant corporations because they have more money to steal. However, recent studies show that criminals are more likely to target smaller businesses. This is because their security measures are typically less than large corporations. They target small businesses physically through break-ins and online with cyber-attacks. Small businesses often have fewer security measures making them an easier target. Here are three ways you can increase security at your small business.

  1. Control Access

Controlling access to your building is one of the easiest security measures. You can install access data equipment that is relatively inexpensive. You will want to distribute access cards to your employees and keep a list of who has an access card. The data access equipment will tell you when someone enters the building, when someone exits the building, and who is in the building.

You can also access data equipment to areas with sensitive information. For example, if you have an IT room or patient information room, you can limit which employees can access these rooms. You will want to limit who can access the rooms to upper and trusted management.

When employees leave the company, you will want to ensure the keys are returned. If the employee does not return the key for some reason, you can deactivate the card.

  1. Upgrade Points of Entry

You can upgrade your doors and windows to high-impact doors and windows. Regular doors are easy to physically break into. High impact doors are resistant to extremely high impact projectiles at high speeds. For example, if there is a hurricane with 90 mph winds, projectiles hitting your door will not break your door. When a criminal attempts to break into your business, they will be deterred because they cannot quickly gain access by physically breaking your door.

You can also upgrade your locks. Internal doors that lead to areas with important information or expensive equipment should have specialised locks. You can also add reinforced locks to your external windows to prevent break-ins.

  1. Outsource Physical Security

A security company (known as บริษัท รักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai) provides an extra layer of protective measures. Security companies provide access control, traffic regulation, and address aggressive customers. A security guard will deter a potential criminal. They will see a physical guard near the entryways to your business and choose another business without security measures. They will detain a criminal and contact the police. They will make your employees and customers feel safer, which will translate to increase productivity and sales.