Pressure-Washing – The Dos and Don’ts

Pressure washers are used for a lot of things, like effortlessly cleaning your home’s exterior, but if not properly used it can be more harmful than helpful. You will need to harken to these recommended practices to speed through your cleaning housework without destroying any fragile covering.

Below are some dos and don’ts to guide you.

#1: Do: Prep before beginning

You have to do a proper check on the water supply, try out the water flow from the hose by timing to see how much time it will take to fill a five-gallon bucket. Make sure it takes at least 2 minutes to fill it up otherwise it means the water flow is not efficient enough to run the washer. Make sure the water flow feeds the washer properly.

Don’t: Do not underestimate Its Power

The power and the speed of a pressure washer is its biggest strength. That is what makes it so effective as well as dangerous. The point is: the power and force from the pressure washer water stream are powerful enough to cut through the human skin. To avoid incidents always put on safety goggles, and it will be wise to start the machine from the lowest pressure settings.

#2: Do: Wear non-slip footgear

Put on non-slip foot gear to avoid slipping. The combination of detergent and water can cause tough surface slippery.  If you are cleaning your roof with a pressure washer, be sure you are immovable.


It is actually not safe to point the nozzle at anyone.

#3: Do: For better force, adjust your spray’s angle

You might encounter a tough stain, it’s advised to fixate the pressure washer’s nozzle to the dirty surface. It’s quite easy.

#4: Do: Make use of mild cleaning solutions.

Washers like the Unimanix electric pressure washers make the job easy, while on the job be gentle, with low pressure and good cleaning solution you will clean any surface with ease.

Don’t: Do not make use of one nozzle tip for every new cleaning job.

There are dissimilar nozzle tips convenient for different projects, nozzle tips are available in narrowly targeted streams and wide spray fan patterns. All with different level of pressures. Just be sure you are using the right nozzle for your job.

Perhaps our best advice would be for you to pay a professional pressure washing company, to save you the stress of doing it yourself. Not everyone is inclined to this kind of job.

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