Packing For Moving: Everything You Need To Know About It

Often, the packaging for change is one of the most anticipated moments and feared when moving. How to pack furniture, clothes, decorative items, and food from the fridge. With that in mind, we have prepared this complete guide on preparing for your new home.

Glass Kitchen Utensils

Dishes, glasses, jars, and any other glass items must be packed very well, be they kitchen utensils or decorative items.

First, select a good cardboard box that will hold the weight of the items. After that, line the bottom of the box with bubble wrap. Ideally, cut the bubble wrap twice the size of the bottom of the box, so you can fold it in half and make a kind of pillow.

The next step is to wrap each item separately in cardboard, newspaper, or bubble wrap. This will prevent direct contact between them, leading to possible breakage. In the same way, repeat the procedure done at the bottom of the box and place another layer of bubble wrap on top of the box. In conclusion, don’t forget to flag the box as fragile and write down the list of inside items. Change pack used to protect glass cups.

Personal Clothing And Bedding

Moving companies like alliance moving and storage have specific racks for the transport of clothes. This method makes it easy to remove clothes from the wardrobe, transport them, and put them back in the closet in the new house. Without a doubt, this is the most recommended method, as it does not wrinkle the clothes and avoids its direct contact with the rest of the change, keeping them clean and free from dust and possible odors.

Clothing Racks For Exclusive Use As Packing For Moving

However, we don’t always have a changing rack available, do we? In this way, we have other good suggestions for you:

Vacuum Packaging

As an option, you can choose to place all your clothes, bedding, kitchen, and bath linen inside vacuum bags. It will make your gear more compact and equally insulated from dirt and odors during transport despite wrinkling your clothes.

Bags And Cardboard Boxes

On the other hand, you can also put all the clothes inside bags and later inside cardboard boxes. Thus, the bags will help keep the clothes clean, and the boxes will help the bags not to tear during transport. Likewise, also enjoy your travel bags. This is the most economical option and can be very useful when moving to your home using alliance moving and storage.