Moving Tips

Moving to Arizona in a Hurry? Here are some Tips to Follow

In the parallel universe, you always have the time to prepare for any move you want to make. Moving is a process entailing tiniest of details and individual tasks and at minimum, three or four weeks is usually preferred for doing it the right way. But when perceived in the real world, life is fast and so does a last minute move. There are two kinds of hurried moves: one is where you don’t have a lot of lead time between finding out you have to move, and the second ones are where you procrastinate till the last moment and find yourself staring at a completely unpacked home a couple days before the movers arrive at your doorstep. In both of the cases, figuring how to move quickly is important.

Here are tips on moving to Arizona in the last moment.

  1. Begin with the logistics

A last minute move seems like every task is imminent and difficult to accomplish at the same time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by so much has to done, but rather than being so perplexed, take a deep breath and keep crossing of the to do list. Firstly, hire a moving company or rent a truck depending if you are needing professional help in moving or going DIY. If you prefer the former, choose the nearest service. The sooner you have the logistics ready, the sooner you can focus on other tasks.

  1. Get rid of the things you don’t need

The less you pack, the easier the moving will be. Go through each room, closet and cabinet and pull out items you don’t need anymore. Separate them into three piles: donate, recycle, and throw away. Resist the urge to pack everything that you will eventually get rid of them. It is easy to sort these items out before you move to save the time and energy for the future. Once the piles are sorted, throw them away. Take the trash or donate them to the needy. Used linens and towels can be reused by the local animal shelter. Unexpired food can be used at a local food pantry. If you have furniture of huge items to donate, you can have a charity group come by and receive the items.

Moving is surely a stressful process whether you have a lot of time on your hands or not. If you are figuring out how to move in haste, focus on the bigger picture and getting your stuff to the new place as safely as possible.

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