Get More out of Life by Doing These Two Things

Small daily decisions that are relatively easy to make, as it turns out, consume valuable energy and time in aggregate. Streamlining will help you focus more of your energy and time on making more impactful choices. Here’s a list of the options you can optimize to get more out of life:

Adhering to a personal uniform

This pertains to going for a signature look with varying levels of uniformity. If your seeming unlimited outfit choices paralyze your decision making, this method is for you. Creating a personal uniform will grant you a faster morning routine. Wearing a personal uniform can entail wearing the same kind and color of outfit every day. However, if this does not fit your lifestyle, which requires you to attend events with more particular dress codes, a capsule wardrobe is what you need. Creating a capsule wardrobe will help you combine functionality, creativity, variety, and uniformity. It will limit your wardrobe to 25 to 50 clothing pieces. Some go as far as standardizing their wardrobe according to the 333 rule — having 33 articles of clothing wearable for the next three months. During this time, ill-fitting and worn-out clothing pieces can be replaced.

This type of selective wardrobe allows you to work on the clothing items that you already have. In addition, adhering to a fixed amount of clothing can imply a significant reduction in your wardrobe size. Though unimaginable at first, capsule wardrobe enthusiasts attest to the positive effects of minimizing your apparel. The hardest part, according to them, is letting go of the majority of your clothes. But it only gets better after this step. They’ve agreed that letting go of the clothes that no longer serve you can take the weight off your shoulders. If you need fast and easy disposal of your pre-loved items, consider services that can help you like Evergreen Junk Removal.

Planning a long-standing grocery list

If you are frequently caught in a frenzy of constantly not knowing what meal to cook or buy, this technique is or you. Creating a grocery list does an excellent job of eliminating unnecessary food choices. Still, the amount of time it takes to plan your list can further be improved. Since your palette is drawn towards a particular taste, picking a consistent food choice is possible and optimal. This means that buying the same set of ingredients is desirable. This will save you a lot of energy and time the planning stage requires. To prevent blandness at your mealtimes, a strategic combination of the various ingredients can produce a wide array of meals, all within your preferred spectrum of taste. That is to say, buying the same three vegetables and one meat can create different dishes. Adding various spices will further extend your food choices while still using the same ingredients.

Minimizing the need to make decisions is a lifestyle change. With it, comes the challenge to do more with less. This challenge is not easy, but it is possible. You can make it possible.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/dlxLGIy-2VU