Discover the Advantages of Modwood Decking

You have decided to replace the decking on your property, and you are ready for a DIY project. All the tools are in order and the last thing you have to do is choose the best type of material for the job. Before you start, it is important to select the right product as decking is not cheap and the last thing you need is to be unhappy about your choice.

When thinking about decking material, have you ever considered modwood decking? Australians have become more conscious about their impact on the environment and many homeowners are looking for a more modern type of material that does not have a big carbon footprint. This is one of the main reasons why modwood in Brisbane and other parts of the country has become so popular with DIY enthusiasts and contractors.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, modwood also has a whole host of other benefits, including:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • Fade Resistance
  • Slip Resistant

Fire Resistant

Modwood has been designed with unexpected elements in mind. It not only stands up to extreme heat and cold weather, but it is also fire resistant. This is great for any home that is situated in an area that suffers from bush fires. Modwood is protected with an outer layer that stops fire in its tracks, it is the most flame retardant decking on the market.


As mentioned, modwood is incredibly durable and lasts for many years once properly maintained. You can leave it exposed to the elements and modwood will still look great many years after it has been fitted.

Fade Resistant

When you install decking on your property, you want to be sure that it will look good and keep its visual appeal. One of the best things about modwood is that it is fade resistant. It is guaranteed to not fade for over 20 years, even when exposed to the sun.

Slip Resistant

Having safe decking is important and nothing is safer than modwood. This decking material can be used as an extension of your home, or it can be fitted around your pool.

Modwood is an eco-friendly wood-plastic composite. It is a modern decking material that is made from recycled plastic and wood waste. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it has many other benefits. It has visual appeal, is cost-effective, and can be used to extend your outdoor area or surround your pool.