Comparison Between Buying And Leasing Cranes

When you are planning to start a construction project which requires some cranes, you start asking yourself some questions like should I buy a crane or should I rent. The two questions are good, and you should answer them wisely for you to start your construction. Some people consider buying their cranes while others consider renting cranes from crane rental companies like Van Adrighem crane rental. For construction companies, they cannot survive without cranes. Questions like should we buy, or rent are depended on the long-term benefits of the crane if they buy it. Buying a crane for construction companies makes more sense than an individual/private construction project. Small companies as well do not buy some of the cranes, instead, they rent them when they are required. If you have a construction company and you are confused if you should buy or rent a crane, read the tips here and you will get your solution. Here are the benefits of buying your crane.

You have full control of the crane

If you buy your crane you don’t worry about the terms and conditions of leasing it. You control how it will be used, the period it will be used, and what kind of project should be used. When you lease it cannot break easily especially when the project end with less time it was expected. When you buy your crane, you can as well rent it to someone who needs it in its project or even sell it when the project ends.

Saves rental cost

When you buy your crane, you will experience the expense of leasing especially if you use cranes all the time. Buying your crane will also save the cost of operator, and transportation since you may not require much movement.

Crane availability

When you need a crane to lift material or move them from one point to another on a construction site you don’t reschedule to the other day since the crane is available for you when you need it. If you must load or offload some materials and you don’t have your crane for the work in your industry, you will keep the driver waiting until you hire a crane from the construction company, but if you had your crane, you have not wait for the rental crane, but to start the work as soon as possible.

Maintenance control

When you have your crane, you know exactly how it is serviced to avoid using poor maintained cranes and cause problems before the project end. You ensure you have the best and standard mechanical maintenance all the time.

Rental cranes

On the other side crane rental works best for small companies and private construction projects. Here are the benefits of rental cranes. In rental crane no Maintenance cost you require, no transport cost, It enables you to access the latest model of the crane you need for your construction project, it allows you to test the crane before you hire it, it allows you to choose the crane of your choice, and have no storage cost required.