Choosing a Moving Company During Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19): Your Guide to Staying Safe During a Move

The coronavirus pandemic is mushrooming at a greater speed. Every country in the world is facing this severe problem that has resulted into huge losses of business. Along with that, it has created a feeling of insecurity into the minds of customers. Moreover, in order to avoid social distancing, people are bringing their business online so as to connect with the large scale audiences and ensure no-contact delivery with utmost ease and comfort. Such kind of initiation often adds reliability towards purchasing the product online without any kind of additional hassle. But when it comes to moving services, it becomes very much difficult and challenging to reach out the customers. Here we have discussed about the guide to stay safe during moving services.

Communicate and question the movers

When you connect with any of the professional Movers in Toronto, you need to ask about their awareness towards safety towards coronavirus. This has become a dreadful illness that brought critical situation all across the globe. Moreover, you can make a call in order to discuss your quote and know more about their quality of services. Below mentioned are some of the questions which you must ask while selecting any moving company during such a tough period of COVID-19.

They are:

  •         With moving practices how you maintain social distancing?
  •         What kind of precautionary measures you have taken for your staff members and others?
  •         Are you sanitizing your truck or collecting the van properly?
  •         How frequently are you sanitising your office, moving supplies and commercial vehicles?
  •         How can you ensure safety services for the residential or commercial moving?
  •         What precautions would you take if you find one of your member positive with COVID-19
  •         How will you manage to load heavily weighted goods in trucks due to a lack of staff members during such pandemic?
  •         Do you have any testimonials for moving services during the period of COVID-19?

Look for contact-free quote sharing

Looking towards the daily increase in COVID-19, it is better to sit at home and avoid all kinds of a person meeting contact. You can have a video calling or video chat with the moving consultant and virtually take to the tour of your closet or cabinet so that they can estimate the cost and let you know transparently. They can walk the talk and determine the number of cardboard boxes or vehicles required for a safe and secure moving activity. This way you can get the best virtual quote with arranging for any physical meeting.

Before calling them, you need to take care of these following things —

  •         Your mobile phone or tablet must be fully charged and plug-off
  •         You must have a strong internet connectivity
  •         Switch on all the lights so that they can inspect the requirement of moving supplies
  •         Take them to the visit to ensure the requirement of moving services
  •         You must record their words and statement for better reliability
  •         Ensure that the voice is clear and there’s no technical disturbance

Determine your purpose and objective for moving

While finalizing your moving activities, you must explain your objective and purpose for moving. Along with that, you must ask in advance about the estimated time to arrange your moving order. Moreover, inquire if they require deposits to initiate the moving activities. In fact, you must schedule your time and day so that they can come to your place and collect all the items for moving. These Movers in Toronto must abide by the rules and regulations in packing the goods and maintain social distancing to avoid the spreading of the virus. You must get their contact details so that you specify your concern in case of rescheduling of moving services from one place to the other.

Ensure that they perform all cleaning tasks for moving

Hiring a professional and an Affordable Moving Companies in Toronto, is a very challenging task especially during this pandemic. You must ask them about their cleaning tasks so that they can prevent the possibility of getting infected. Along with that, every staff member must have arrived at your place after completely sanitizing themselves. You must sanitize the handles of doors, sinks, toilets, electronics, desk, switches and others so that the staff members should not get infected.

Take note of the following things —

  •         Once you rub sanitizer, do not go near the fire
  •         Cover your face with a standard mask
  •         Wear rubber gloves and sanitize the same
  •         If feels suffocated with masks, open windows for ventilation
  •         Look for online signing and online payment option

Greeting and communication with a distant proximity

When the workers or staff members come to your place, there should not be any hand shake. Fold your hands and greet each other. Moreover, you need to maintain distance while communicating with moving activities. It is essential to bring all your goods at one place and do not allow any family member, pet or children to come to that area. These professional and an Affordable Moving Companies in Toronto will manage and strictly follow all the guidelines for social distancing and others. When they ring the bell, you must keep sanitizer in hand and press and provide it to such staff members. Or else, you can ask for washing their hands at regular intervals or give them wet wipes to avoid social contact.

Learn to unpack the goods safely

Before unpacking the goods from the truck, it is essential to sanitize all the packed items first. After that, you can unpack the goods with utmost safety and security. Do not forget to wear the gloves whole packing or unload the items to a greater extent. Thus, you must look for the best and most effective ways of sanitizing the trips and turns to stay safe from such a dreadful illness. Immediately take a fresh cloth and sprinkle sanitizer on the doorbell and doorways to avoid being infectious when any mover comes to your place.

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