Businesses That Benefit from Epoxy Flooring Solutions

You have probably been in many business premises where epoxy resin flooring is present, particularly in garages and tyre shops, where rich colours are seen. Simply put, epoxy resin flooring ticks all the boxes for commercial flooring and here are just a few places where you will find this durable and attractive floor material.

  • Auto Garages – Next time you take your car for a service, check the flooring and with affordable garage epoxy services in Adelaide
  • from an established commercial flooring contractor, the range of colours and graphics is impressive. You often see a BMW or Mercedes Benz logo embedded into the flooring and the bays are all marked, with a floor that is chemical resistant and extremely durable. Tyres and battery outlets would also incorporate epoxy into their layout for the same reasons.
  • Warehouse Flooring – The only real alternative to epoxy flooring is polished concrete, which falls short in some categories, whereas with epoxy, you can design the perfect floor layout, which is embedded under the epoxy. Heavy forklift traffic is no problem for epoxy resin flooring, which is non-slip and very easy to keep spotlessly clean.
  • Auto Showrooms – The ability to inlay graphics makes epoxy the obvious choice for an up-market Porsche or Ferrari showroom, which is durable enough to drive show cars around. Presentation is everything when selling cars and epoxy allows you to be very creative with graphics and images.
  • Shopping Malls – Most shopping malls opt for epoxy, as it offers the best in terms of visual appeal and durability, while you can embed graphics to direct shoppers. Even some of the car parking floors have epoxy resin flooring, as do many retail outlets.
  • Banks – Most banks have epoxy flooring and for good reason, as this is easy to keep clean and can handle the heaviest foot traffic. The cleaners use a rotating polishing machine to clean the floors and hygiene is important, even in a bank.
  • Food & Beverage Sector – Pubs and restaurants make good use of epoxy resin flooring solutions, many with graphics under the floor. A special type of epoxy is used for any food-related business, which conforms with government standards. If you would like a quote for your commercial kitchen, search with Google for a local flooring contractor that works with epoxy resin and they would be happy to quote for a specific design.

Safety is always a concern with commercial flooring and that is one of the many reasons why business owners choose non-slip epoxy resin flooring.