Attention UK Homeowners: Outdoor Maintenance Tips for 2021

We are seeing the last few weeks of the Indian summer here in the UK and as we prepare for the autumn, this is the time to give your outdoor living space a final makeover before the harsh winter arrives.

Here are a few garden maintenance tips to help you prepare for the coming winter.

  • Pruning – The autumn is the perfect time to prune and shape your trees, ready for the sudden drop in temperature. If you don’t have the equipment, ask your local garden maintenance contractor to add your garden to their list of properties and they can prune your trees while tidying up.
  • Fencing – If your garden fence in Petersfield has seen better days, perhaps a coat of paint might be in order. Either that, or call up your local fencing contractor and ask him to quote for new fencing. If you don’t fancy timber, there are great composites that look and feel like solid wood and they are maintenance-free.
  • Feed the Lawn – This is the ideal time to rake over the lawn and apply some grass fertiliser, which should ensure a lush, green growth in the spring. The last cut should be a little higher than previous cuts, which helps the grass handle the frost. Check out the free online information about lawn care (most gardening blog websites have something on grass care).

By taking care of the garden now, it will be ready for the harsh and unpredictable winter that we always have here in the United Kingdom.